What is «planar connector» Bamperus®?

The planar connector is used for repair (welding) of the products made from the plastics (thermoplastic). Having enough fitting skills and using this material you can repair the automobile bumper, broken or cracked lamp body, weld the crack in plastic fuel tank and repair any plastic detail.

The planar connector Bamperus® was created by the specialist from Russia Alexander Kuznetsov who deals with plastic repair. This is his patent. Alexander Kuznetsov has been professionally dealing with repair of plastic details and different autoplastics. The result of his long term work is new technologies and the material for repair of different thermoplastics.

It is important to remember that repair technology is valuable as well as material itself!

You should observe all instructions and masters recommendations and safety measures specified by the manufacturers.
You can find on our site the individual consulting, detailed information, information about materials, video about repair of different plastic details, feedbacks from the specialists and other information.

The source is orientated for auto service workers, repairing shops, electric and gasoline powered tools. In particular, it is for body repair masters, special repair of bumpers and other autoplastics; for all who is usually met the broken details made from plastics (bumpers, radiators, body lamps and etc.) and necessary repair.

There are some types of planar connectors:

1. Planar connectors for polypropylene (РР) and interpolymers based on it.

2. Planar connectors for repair of interpolymers based on styrene (ABS, ASA, etc.).

3. Ones for repair of interpolymers based on polyethylene (РЕ).

4. Ones for repair of polybutyleneterephtalate (РВТР).

5. Ones for repair of plastics based on polyamide (РА).

Planarconnectors for Polypropylene (PP) are highly popular. It is due to that they are easy to be used, the material doesn’t take into account the lack of experience. The majority of the bumpers, bodies and other autoplastics are made of PP. If you want to repair plastic details oneself, please start with connectors Bamperus® for РР.

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